Ring Reports document the monthly meetings and activities of IBM Ring 58.

August 2022 Ring Report

Oddly, our August meeting has low attendance historically, and this year was no exception with just nine members and one guest who will probably be joining the Ring: Jeff Hallberg. Our bits of business were brief as we discussed the area’s upcoming Swap Meet organized by our past president, Tim Pressley. Many of the Ring members will be attending. Before the magic started for the evening, we also discussed the possibility of some sort of outreach program for the area colleges to generate new members as well as a brief discussion about the contests and possible changes at the next Winter Carnival. 

The theme for the evening was “My First Magic Trick” which led to a lot of reminiscing to decades gone by. Michael Priestap opened with a Japanese Change Bag that his father had shown him; and he recalled that the first trick he learned to perform was a version of the 21-Card Trick. Michael Messing had been to a friend’s birthday party when he was eight-years-old, and there was a clown magician there; the birthday-boy’s mother saw how much Michael loved the magic, and she got Michael three magic books for his 8th birthday later that year. Of course, they were above his reading level, so they sat on his shelf for four years…and at the age of twelve he learned his first tricks from the books. Great story! Michael demonstrated the first coin vanish and “hand washing” that he learned. Completing our trio of Michaels to perform, Mike Stratman shared a wooden version of Crazy Spots that he purchased at the age of eleven at a magic shop.

Bill Osburn shared the story that had been written up in The Linking Ring when he became a Life Member – how his love of science and magnetics combined in his first Magic Mummy trick that he got. Our president, Victor Agreda, is a true lover and collector of Tenyo items, and it all started with his first trick: Soft Coins. To be fair, Victor also shared his latest (and certainly not his last!) Tenyo purchase: A Whole New Hole. Jack Wilson then described his first magic set (Mattel’s Showtoppers Showcase) and showed a picture of it on the internet from 1969. Then Jack recalled that the first trick he remembered learning from a book was how to tie the “fastest knot in the world” and he performed it smoothly.

We were happy to have Chris Koopman with us to share about the rope tricks he learned in high school and the magic set that he had. He also had the job of being a demonstrator at Opryland…he said that he got very good at selling Hot Rod, Sponge Balls and Color Monte! Ed Ripley’s first exposure to magic was at the age of ten. He then shared one of his newest purchases from Axtel: a Platypus puppet that he did the “platypus song” with to our delight.

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