Ring Reports document the monthly meetings and activities of IBM Ring 58.

February 2023 Ring Report

With just two weeks until the start of the 48th Winter Carnival of Magic, our business meeting is a little bogged down with last minute details. Mike Stratman has the table cloths from the Whipps, Michael Messing got the magic kits from Jim Stott and took them to the Country Tonite Theatre, and a lot of other I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed – we are ready for a great convention!

First up to perform was Sherman Wires doing his initiation performance. He did an ambitious coin routine with an American dollar and Chinese coin; putting both in his hand, removing one to his pocket, and both would be found in his hand. He ate the corner from a selected playing card only to have it reappear in his wallet that was on the table the entire time. He finished by adding a bunch of numbers from the audience to reveal a total that he knew from before he started sealed in an envelope Mr. Priestap was holding. After short deliberation, Sherman was unanimously welcomed as our newest member!

The theme for the evening was to get something to levitate or float, but that is just a suggestion. Armed with a deck of cards, Ed Ripley visibly transformed and found the mates of cards using a fun buzzer app to heighten the effect. Bill Osburn proclaimed “Inflation!” as he floated a dollar bill. Ray Adams, who will be starting in the show “Array!” on April 7 as well as doing a walk-on part in the Winter Carnival, also floated a dollar under impossible conditions – including having someone holding a cell phone camera just inches away to record the masterful feat.

Using a truly invisible deck of cards, Michael Priestap showed great imagination! Tim Pressley had an invisible ball routine where the ball became visible and floated around the audience. And Michael Messing showed and told the story about a custom-made floating device that he had made for restaurant work.

Yes, it was a fun night of magic with just a portion of those present doing magic. The buzz for the evening was all in anticipation of the Ring welcoming performers, dealers, contestants, and attendees at the Winter Carnival on March 9 for a great three days of magic, fun and fellowship!

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