Ring Reports document the monthly meetings and activities of IBM Ring 58.

October 2022 Ring Report

As October was drawing to a close, only eight members and one guest – who would opt to apply for membership before the night was over – made for an exciting 100% participation evening. We discussed that several members would be attending Ring 198’s “Unconventional Convention” in a week, and gave a update on WCM acts who have been hired including Fool Us winner David Carsaro and illusionist Aaron Radatz along with family-performing gurus Christopher T. Magician and David Ginn. Then we got to the real magic of “Simulation.”

Michael Priestap started with four keys and played a little “Do-As-I-Do” with volunteer Kyle Copeland except that Michael’s keys linked and unlinked. Since we were so close to Halloween, Michael also brought out an eyeball! Kyle himself followed used our guest, Roy Schubert, and four colored stars to match a prediction. He also did a trick from past Ring member Bob Knigge doing a topographical puzzle with a door in a dollar bill.

Jack Wilson worked with Mr. Priestap on a series of cuts to match three different predictions. Joining in on Zoom from Florida, Tom Vorjohan simulated a real hammer with a beautiful fake one, showed a simulated fuzzy twenty-dollar bill, talked about a couple books, and presented his adaptation of David Regal’s Barrel of Monkeys. Bill Osburn showed a skeleton side table he recently built, as well as the Freaky Body Illusion kit that even Amazon refused to sell, He showed a YouTube video of Tony Andruzzi’s “Demon Dirt” and lightened the mood with a Scholastic “Spooky Tricks” book from the 70s.

Past International President, Mike Stratman, has been going through his old Linking Rings and showed two goodies: first, two rubber bands and two paper clips were attached to a dollar bill, and when pulled, a clip attached to each band, and second, a chosen card was snagged onto a clothes pin. Bill Sturgis did a run-through of his routine that he is planning to do at the Unconventional Convention’s evening show around the theme of CSI Detective and three ways to find a chosen card.

With all the great magic being shared, first time guest Roy Schubert from nearby Harden Valley did three amazing mental effects. First was a book test with any word from seemingly any page matching a stuffed animal in a bag. He then had a chocolate chip cookie that matched a prediction, and concluded with Tommy the Telekinetic Tortoise who found a chosen card in a bag. It was unanimous: Roy is our newest new member! It was a great night of magic just four days before Halloween.

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