Ring Reports document the monthly meetings and activites of IBM Ring 58.

March 2022 Ring Report

The 47th Winter Carnival of Magic was a great success (and we even had a little snow!) over the March 10-12 weekend. Fantastic acts, eight lectures, four shows, two contests and a look back at Terry Evanswood’s 25 years performing in Pigeon Forge made for a phenomenal three days of magic…plus thirteen unique dealers, our Friday night party at Steve’s incredible house, and a well-orchestrated final pizza party made this a great way to come back after taking 2021 off.

By the end of the month, we were ready for a meeting – with thirteen members present, two on Zoom, and 6 guests ready for more magic. We took nominations for the upcoming year’s officers, and they are running uncontested: Victor Agreda, Jr. as President and Program Chairman, Michael Messing as Vice-President, Tom Vorjohan as Secretary, Jack Wilson as Treasurer, Bill Sturgis as the Sgt-at-Arms, and our four-person Board of Directors will be Steve Jerden, Tim Pressley, Michael Priestap and Mike Stratman.

To start the evening’s entertainment, we had FOUR initiation performances – we think that was a record for one month! John Gyllenhaal is a recently transplanted engineer who did three effects from his parlor show including three-card monte that played up, the mini Wellington Light Board and then a revelation of a chosen movie. We were delighted to have two of the Justices back, and father Jason kicked things off with coins, cards, and a card in wallet. His son, Danny, followed with three prediction effects cards. Finally, Harley “Chapeau” Shapiro impressed us with his coin work including Coins Across and a stellar signed card at selected number transposition. We welcomed all four with unanimous approval!

Our theme for the night was “String Magic.” Cayden Goodman opened with a fun flaming wallet. His grandfather, Steve Jerden, followed with an empty red Solo cup that suddenly was filled with lollipops. Bill Osburn took three equal lengths of rope, made them into loops and then he linked and unlinked the loops. True to style, Michael Priestap had “World on a String” playing in the background and did a great string trick.

Bill Sturgis made a necklace vanish and then it reappeared back on the display stand. Jack Wilson took a loop of string and wrapped it around each of his fingers, but it penetrated right through as he pulled. Tim Pressley showed a couple of his recent acquisitions: a flying silk on a hidden reel, and his “discount bin” find was a duck marionette (with strings!). Tom Vorjohan appeared via Zoom and showed some great rope that he got at the Dollar Tree, two of Martin Gardner’s books, and then he did the CW Burmese Bells and also the Beads of Prussia. What a great meeting!

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