The art of magic has the power to bring joy and wonder into the world.

Ring 58 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians exists— 

–to enhance the art of magic in East Tennessee!

We Accomplish This Mission By:

Hosting Monthly Meetings..

..where we get together to learn, demonstrate, perform, and discuss the art of magic. Sometimes we replace our regular meeting with a guest speakers/lectures or schedule a group outing where we attend a magic show.

Hosting the Winter Carnival of Magic..

..a 3 day conference for magic enthusiasts complete with  ectures, dealers, contests, and shows. Every Ring member jumps in to help pull off this major  event every year.

Performing in and for our communities..

..some of our members perform professionally while  others perform for only friends and family. Regardless, we encourage our members to spread  magic. We believe true magic doesn’t exist until it is shared with others.

About Us:

IBM Ring 58 is a localized chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians based in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

We are a diverse group of individuals that share a common passion for the art of magic. In some cases,  magic is all that we have in common, but we believe that is enough. We promote an inclusive environment and do not judge based on race, age, gender, or religion. 

Want To Get Involved?

When you become a member, you have a voice in all of the club’s major  decisions. Only members can vote and serve as officers of the Ring. Members also receive free  admission to the Winter Carnival of Magic.

Non-members can only attend if invited by a member. Any of our  members would be ecstatic to extend an invitation… simply reach out to us through the  member’s roster.