Ring Reports document the monthly meetings and activities of IBM Ring 58.

December 2022 Ring Report

The December Holiday Party was scaled back a bit from previous years due to several factors; in fact, we had eleven people not able to attend because of either illness or personal issues at the last moment. However, the fifteen members and two guests that did make it enjoyed some great fellowship, an abundance of pizza, and a great offering of magic! With full stomachs, Bill Osburn opened the evening with salutations for a “Merry Christmas!” by showing an effect that colorized three different line drawings just like an old Polaroid Camera using a very magical wand; this included photos of a snowman, a Christmas tree, and also Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Ed Ripley did one of his favorite¬†effects: The Two Coin Trick. After confusing us with coins that kept going back to his hand before completely vanishing, he repeated the same trick using jumbo coins!

Our newest member, Roy Schubert, used the assistance of Avery Pressley to select a random day in a calendar, and the item listed was a bird…which matched the prediction in a box on the table: a bird! To our delight, Ray Adams was able to make our meeting, and he set up for some fantastic hand shadows which included some standard as well as some not-so-standard shadowgraphy all set to music that was a lot of fun. Mike Stratman did a classic of magic using pieces of cork that went in his hand and in his pocket only to move back to his hand before all three completely vanished. He also showed his version of a large Square-Square (like a Squared Circle) and produced two huge silk scarves including the final “The End” scarf.

Michael Priestap, with his tongue firmly pressed into his cheek used a borrowed and shuffled deck to NOT find the right card at the right number. Jack Wilson even left his comfort zone and shared some holiday humor, and our President, Victor Agreda, made some final remarks and wished everyone a very happy and healthy finale to 2022 as we look forward to a great 2023.

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