Name: Zeke Powerz
E-mail Address:
Favorite Magic Trick: Premonition
Favorite Magic Book: Spirit Theater by Eugene Burger
Prop Preference: My Mind


Awards / Accomplishments

  • Certified Wizard by the SciFi Channel
  • “Outstanding Magical Performance” Trophy from the Historic Baum Opera House
  • Semi-Finalist in the David Copperfield Disappearance Contest
  • Featured on CBS Evening news for :The Prediction of the Millennium

How Did you first become interested in Magic?
I helped a magician on stage when I was 6

Former President of IBM Ring 324 (Middletown, OH) Zeke has entertained with his unique brand of entertainment for over 20 years
Currently Specializing in The Paranormal. Zeke has explored and lectured about the unexplained all over the US. His performance blur the line of the real and the Supernatural