Name: Michael Priestap
E-mail Address:
Favorite Magic Trick: Old Faithful by Paul Cummins
Favorite Magic Book: Mark Wilson’s Complete Course In Magic
Prop Preference: Aces


Awards / Accomplishments

  • 1968 Winner of Troop 116’s Goldbrick award.
  • 2019 Nominated for leader of the year — East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

How Did you first become interested in Magic?
As a child, Michael was intrigued with magic tricks his father brought back from Occupied Japan. In 1989 his fascination with magic was rekindled by his mentor (Mr. Magic), and he has been performing ever since.

Formerly a Michigander, Michael lives with his wife Susan (and a menagerie) on a farm in West Knoxville.

As DJ Pre-, rocking out events and restaurants playing stacks of wax with the platters that matter. (Actually using MP3s but it’s hard to find words that rhyme.)