Name: Michael Messing
E-mail Address:
Favorite Magic Trick:
Close-up – Multiplying Bunnies
Stage for Children – My Coloring Book Routine
Stage for Adults – torn & restored newspaper
Favorite Magic Book: Amateur Magicians Handbook
Prop Preference: Silk


Awards / Accomplishments

  • Received Order of Merlin Shield from I.B.M.
  • performing at half-time of the 1989 Southeastern Conference Basketball Tournament in front of 20,000 fans
  • staff entertainer for Carnival Cruise Lines 1991 – 1992

How Did you first become interested in Magic?
I always had an interest in entertainment and magic became my vehicle when I was 12 years old.

Michael has been a full-time performer since 1986. He specializes in magic for children and family audiences, although he performs regularly for adults. Michael has been featured by the Knox County Library for 13 years as a performer during their Summer Library Club and has been featured annually at the Secret City Festival since 2003. He is married to Joyce York and has two sons: andrew and Jacob.