Name: Jack Wilson
E-mail Address:
Favorite Magic Trick: Tying a Knot Without Letting Go of the Ends
Favorite Magic Book: Magic Digest; Tarbell Course in Magic
Prop Preference: Rope, string, cards


Awards / Accomplishments
Won a 4-H Camp Talent Show with a magic act when I was 12

How Did you first become interested in Magic?
Earliest memory is at a restaurant in Clearwater, Florida when I was 6. A gentleman who seemed very old to me at the time was looking in my direction and pushing a cigarette into one ear and out the other. When he tired of that he ate it. I was dumbfounded! My mother was less impressed.

From the age of 6 to 12 I lived and breathed magic, doing tricks for my sister’s birthday party, at school, etc. Apparently, I peaked at 12 when I won the above-mentioned talent show and it has been downhill ever since. In 1986 I met Bob Carter and when he learned of my interest in magic he invited me to a ring meeting (which I did attend), but I was just starting grad school at UT and didn’t feel I had the time to pursue it.

I continued to collect magic books throughout the years and would drop in on a magic shop whenever I happened upon one. One day in the summer of 2009 in Gatlinburg I found former Ring 58 member Scott Compton’s magic shop, and he encouraged me to (once again) visit Ring 58. After paying for a couple of lectures I was hooked and joined Ring 58 (and the IBM) in November 2009.