Name: Ed Ripley
E-mail Address:
Favorite Magic Trick: Hundy 500
Favorite Magic Book: Bobo’s Coin Magic
Prop Preference: Coins

Awards / Accomplishments
BA at FFFF (2007)
2nd place at SEAM in 2005
2nd place at Twin City Magic Convention 2007
Ed has performed on 5 continents


How Did you first become interested in Magic?
Ed received his first magic tricks from Bob Hutchings in Jacksonville Florida on his tenth birthday. The tricks included Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic, a hot-rod, jumping dots and a scotch and soda coin. Now Ed performs mainly for fun and for his kids.

Ed Ripley hails from Greenville, VA. He has degrees from Emory & Henry College as well as two MS degrees from The University of Tennessee Knoxville. He works as a Nuclear Metallurgist during the day and builds magical props for magicians in his spare time.

He specializes in coin magic and his effects “Karate Coin” and “Total Rip” are getting lots of attention in the coin world.