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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Tom Vorjohan
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November Ring Report

We had to move the November meeting up a week to avoid the Thanksgiving holiday, and we had some great magic shared among the thirteen of us (which included first-time guest Aaron Page and his father, Shane). Michael Messing gave us a brief overview of the “It Factor Live” convention that he and Ben Young had attended a week ago, and Tom Vorjohan brought in the December issue of MAGIC Magazine to show the awesome ad for Darren Romeo’s new show in Pigeon Forge at the Smoky Mountain Opry with his debut show included with the Winter Carnival of Magic.

Since Thanksgiving gives family and friends an opportunity to “Come Together,” that was the theme for this evening’s magic. Our president, Jack Wilson, kicked things off with a Juan Tamariz effect (Impossible in Your Hands) where five people used a 10-card packet and followed Jack’s seemingly haphazard verbal directions; all packets ended with their shuffled cards in the same configuration as Jack predicted.


Bev Coffey effortlessly linked and unlinked three loops of rope. Tom Vorjohan recreated an effect that Nick Lewin used to close the Saturday night show at the Unconventional Convention earlier this month where a selected card matched two other predictions.

Mike Stratman had everyone stand and participate in a great piece of mental divination where he was able to determine which member of our group took his coin while he was gone from the room. Michael Priestap did Poker Chip Polka as he related it to the story of the first televised interracial kiss on November 22, 1968 on an early episode of Star Trek. Jason Murphy told a great story about his grandfather and used four coins to vanish and reappear to give the highlights of the story. And in an impromptu finish to the meeting, Michael Messing showed an effect he learned in the ‘70s from Paul Diamond with a selected card and four aces. A fun evening of magic for those of us who were able to “come together” for fun and fellowship.

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