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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

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March 2019 Ring Report

For Ring 58, our month of March is truly MADNESS! On the 7th — 9th we were the hosts and executive directors of the 45th annual Winter Carnival of Magic held for the 15th consecutive year at the beautiful Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This was three days of magic from some of the greatest icons of magic including Stuart MacDonald, Dan Harlan, Losander, Ice McDonald, Jay Mattioli, Michael Finney, Nick Lewin, and many more.

So to celebrate a wonderfully successful convention, our March meeting theme was all about the magic we learned during the convention. John Hopper showed and talked about some of the cards that he got from the United States Playing Card Company, and Tom Vorjohan showed "Middle Gauge Spread 2" that he got from Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic 11. Bill Sturgis showed several superhero pieces from a show that he has been working on including the final appearance of a Spiderman figure.

Roger Reeves talked about Losander's floating bubble and then did his own Grandma's Bubble routine. Samantha Rieger did a wonderful card effect where the selected card magically appeared inside a folder on the table across the room. As we moved into Show & Tell, Carroll Vinson showed the Art of Magic stamps and a special clock made with them by Dick Barry. Michael Priestap showed a mystery piece of magic he acquired at the McMechan auction that several members worked with to figure out, meanwhile Ed Riply showed his see-through sloth baby. Michael Messing brought in some clippings about the past Winter Carnivals and also talked about Doug Henning and passed around a couple programs from the 70s. Tom Vorjohan showed his "TV Magic Cards" t-shirt and mini balloon figures.


Jason Rieger did a fun, interactive card trick with his daughter Hannah. Jack Wilson showed the stack of books that he purchased at the Winter Carnival for his collection. Mike Stratman showed Priestap's "Hole Punch" effect and then taught a prediction trick with three envelopes and a free choice. Making her Ring performance debut, Hannah Rieger did her Cups & Balls routine to great applause! Barry Mitchell gave a heartfelt thank you to the club for inviting him to lecture and deal at the WCM, and then made a video to send to our great friend Bev Coffey who moved to central Tennessee.

Harold Whipps told a great story and added, "when you learn a sleight, practice doing what it looks like when you don't do the sleight." He went on to show the French Drop, and Ed Ripley added on a half spin of the coin. As we headed toward the end of the evening, John Hopper told a funny story about how Jennifer is a big tipper, and Roger Reeves talked about travelling all over the US with Charlie Fenn, and followed it with his magic beginnings when he paid to learn his first sponge ball routine from a 14-year-old Jeff Hobson! We enjoyed 100% participation again this evening!


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WCM Chairman
Webmaster Jack Wilson

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