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Ring 58 is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serves the needs of magicians throughout the East Tennessee area. We typically meet on the 4th Thursday of each month:

If you are in the area we welcome you to attend our meetings!
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Feb. 2018 Ring Report

Eleven members and four guests were ready for some magic at our February meeting. We are just a couple weeks from the Winter Carnival of Magic, and we reviewed a few details before we had four — yes, a record-breaking FOUR — initiation performances. Christine Maentz is a children's performer in Knoxville balloon decorator. She performed a cute routine with a "momma hanky" and baby hanky, then she did a card effect producing the four aces on the top of each of four piles of cards. Tim Pressley, who had been a member about ten years ago, did a great sponge ball routine with a purse frame and several vanishes and reappearances including two "through the pocket." He even taught one of the vanish/transfers that he used in the routine. We were very excited to have Barry Mitchell back (he had been away from the ring for about 30 years!) and he did his Smile Maker routine, a beautiful Ambitious (and acrobatic!) Card routine, and even taught the method and thought that went into the Smile Maker routine. Relocating to this area from Louisville, Kentucky, we were excited to have Ray Adams do his color changing silk routine, a skilled coins across in-the-hands, and another coin sequence. Our discussion was brief, and all four were welcomed as our newest members!

The theme for the evening was "Soft Magic" so Bill Osburn started us off with a rope that changed to two silks, then a stiff rope that went limp, and a bit coin that penetrated a silk. Mike Stratman dusted off an original Benson Bowl made by P & L and did a great routine with three sponge balls and a magic wand. Barry Mitchell did a fun routine with two sponge balls called the "Boo Game." Bill Sturgis presented his multi-color changing bag routine that ended in the production of a bunch of receipts. Oddly, John Hopper had to follow this with the déjà vu of the same color changing bags and a couple sponge balls.


Michael Priestap used a "soft" baby's arm to produce a selected coin. Tom Vorjohan showed the new chrome colored Qualatex balloons and did Tim Sonefelt's Houdini silk routine. As we moved into our show & tell and open mic segments, Jack Wilson reported on The Illusionists show that he saw at the Clayton Center in Maryville the previous week. Mike Stratman did his version of Sidewalk Shuffle. Steve Jerden showed a new crushed and resealed method that he uses, and offered a sheet of the gimmicks to each of the members. Tom Vorjohan showed a couple magnetic boards that he has assembled for the Nick Trost Horse Race trick and talked about the "power of puppets" as he witnessed at the recent KAX convention in LA. Tom followed this with a teach-a-trick showing Trost's cutting to the aces, and talked about filming a television commercial earlier in the day for El Jimador. A fun magic-filled evening for all.


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